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Be Successful, Be You & Do It TODAY!
For ages 5 to Adult..

Self-Empowerment, Interactive Artistic Performances,
Dance Workshops for all levels and ages… plus, hang out with Tré

Davatar Dance Cards:
making urban dance fun!

Ms Tre with DAEI Elite
ages 11to 14 – “2 AM” (rehearsal footage)

Choreography & Movement Coach


Tré Armstrong
Choreographer’s Reel

Acting & Guest Appearances

Tré Armstrong as

Tré Armstrong
Actor’s Reel

The Next Step, Season 3:
Ep 29-34 , Guest Appearance

Tina Turner Tribute Video: 1982 “Proud Mary” (subscribe to my TreArmstrong YouTube channel today!)

Hey ya’ll just a fun video, something I’ll try to do every now and then to keep creative and in love with being a creative artist. Don’t take it so seriously, it’s a small tribute to Tina Turner (sexy lady!)…there will be more videos. Enjoy!


New Movie Update

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.02.02 PM

“How to Dance To Classicla Movement”
an urban fusion vision

Luminato presents
“Keys to the Street”

Judge Tré:
a tough kind hearted soul



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